Happy Point

The Happy Point Trusts purpose is to help Indian children and youngster in field of Education/Health/Technology/Living/Environment/Agriculture. The Trust is in memory of Happy Family.

The Trust was founded in 2012 by happy familiess and close friends in her memory, and to celebrate her love of life and generosity of spirit. The Trust enables donors, singly or in small groups, to fund the education of individual youngsters. We are currently working through trusted and experienced volunteers in the Bihar and Eastern regions of India who help us select the most suitable youngsters to be funded, channel the funds directly to the relevant schools and colleges, and act as mentors to the youngsters. The children and young people we help are chosen according to local need and opportunity, with no preconceived criteria.If sponsors wish to, they and their families can maintain ongoing personal contact with the young people they are sponsoring in order to encourage them, monitor their progress, mentor them and form long-term relationships.

We also welcome contributions, either one-off or as a standing order, from donors who do not want a relationship with any individual youngster.

Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives of Happy Point (Trust)

  • 1. To uplift the people residing in villages of the country morally, socially & financially.
  • 2. To establish Happy Point using the funds, men power and other resources available in villages & organize and manage the traditional knowledge, Art and skills prevailing in villages to convert the same in an industry.
  • 3. To aid existing Happy Points financially & technically to run them properly & use high technology & knowledge for good quality products.
  • 4. To eradicate poverty, provide better life, foster cooperation and unity among villagers through Happy Point.
  • 5. To begin other relevant activities, to encourage & assist the Happy Point programme.
  • 6. To develop market for indigenous products, sale & purchase the products of Happy Point, exchange co-operation regarding distribution, collection of raw material & arrangement of machines etc. with other companies, institutions & trusts of same vision.
  • 7. To expand facilities for storage along with all other services to Happy Point.
  • 8. To develop cold storages & other necessary facilities to preserve Agri and other products of Happy Point for long period and organize fairs, exhibitions, seminars and utilise other advertisement means to popularize these products.
  • 9. To liaison with different Govt. agencies to develop Happy Point & form plans and policies of Happy Point to seek grant & assistance from different Govt. agencies.
  • 10. To make life & health of countrymen better through the products of Happy Point while using Happy Point as a tool of villagers' upliftment financially.