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Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives of Happy Point (Trust)

  • 1. To uplift the people residing in villages of the country morally, socially & financially.
  • 2. To establish Happy Point using the funds, men power and other resources available in villages & organize and manage the traditional knowledge, Art and skills prevailing in villages to convert the same in an industry.
  • 3. To aid existing Happy Points financially & technically to run them properly & use high technology & knowledge for good quality products.
  • 4. To eradicate poverty, provide better life, foster cooperation and unity among villagers through Happy Point.
  • 5. To begin other relevant activities, to encourage & assist the Happy Point programme.
  • 6. To develop market for indigenous products, sale & purchase the products of Happy Point, exchange co-operation regarding distribution, collection of raw material & arrangement of machines etc. with other companies, institutions & trusts of same vision.
  • 7. To expand facilities for storage along with all other services to Happy Point.
  • 8. To develop cold storages & other necessary facilities to preserve Agri and other products of Happy Point for long period and organize fairs, exhibitions, seminars and utilise other advertisement means to popularize these products.
  • 9. To liaison with different Govt. agencies to develop Happy Point & form plans and policies of Happy Point to seek grant & assistance from different Govt. agencies.
  • 10. To make life & health of countrymen better through the products of Happy Point while using Happy Point as a tool of villagers' upliftment financially.