We understand the unique needs of elderly, as well as their children who want the best for their ageing parents.

Emergency Support
  • 24 X 7 helpline to coordinate emergency support

  • Emergency response protocol setup for the family

  • Hospitalization management

  • Medical emergency fund management

  • Real time coordination and regular updates to family

Health & Hospitalisation

  • Medical care and coordination helpline

  • Accompanied visits for medical appointments

  • Scheduling & coordinating tests, check ups, doctor appointments etc.

  • Second opinion from specialists

  • Surgery/procedure planning

  • Digitizing prescriptions and reports

  • Medical claims assistance

  • Nutrition and Exercise consultation

  • Local logistics & companion support in case of medical travel to major cities

Home Care

  • Doctor consultation at home

  • Physiotherapy at home

  • Coordinated & monitored healthcare services at home (nurse, attendant)

  • Tele-medicine

  • Medicine delivery at home

  • Arranging medical equipment & device for rent/purchase

  • Post hospitalization care management, ICU, or chronic care at home for diabetes, nephrology, cardiac care etc.


  • Assist with repairs and maintenance

  • Grocery & food delivery

  • Arrange deep cleaning, pest control, laundry, dry cleaning and personal grooming services

  • Domestic staff selection, sensitisation and supervision

  • Arrange pujas, celebration and other house events

  • Assist with online and offline shopping

  • Assist with renewal and processing of government & utility documents (licenses, certificates, passports etc.)


  • Train & assist in using everyday technology as required (internet, email, video calls, utility apps)

  • Setup home network, online entertainment services etc.

  • Assist with purchase of technology equipment and home appliances

  • Assist with repairs and maintenance


  • Tracking and payment of bills

  • Setup prepaid account to manage disbursals

  • Assist with pension processing

  • Banking & insurance support (home, vehicle. etc.)

  • Arrange legal, financial, tax planning, filing support through qualified firms/professionals

  • Assist with Will preparation and Property Management

Social Engagement

  • Organise leisure & recreation, walks, reading and indoor games

  • Accompanied social visits (movies, shopping, place of worship, family events etc.)

  • Opportunities for learning new skills and hobbies

  • Organise mental & physical wellness activities, and counselling if needed

  • Video, online & in-person community meet-ups

  • Samarth accompanies group tours for seniors

  • Opportunities to participate in professional work, volunteering and social activities

Safety & security

  • Home safety audit and fall- prevention plan

  • KYC of home attendants, staff & house help

  • Support in implementation of smart safety and security measures (access control, monitoring, fall detection)

  • Road-side assistance setup

Mobility & Travel

  • Transport & travel planning and arrangement assistance

  • Companion for local &
    domestic/ international drops

  • Assist in packing, moving or relocating

  • Arrange pick up and drop for local travel